What I'm Doing Now

This is my now page, which lists what I’m thinking and working on right now. If you are not familiar with now pages, consider creating one.

Updated April 29th, 2024 from Amsterdam.

Release Enderpy Python Type Checker

I’m so interested in developer tools, so interested that I decided to build a tool myself. The goal is to be faster than other type checkers. It involves reading and digesting a lot of topics related to compilers, Python, and Rust.

I keep the project status on its homepage: https://github.com/glyphack/enderpy

I always wanted to work in a company where the product is a dev tool. But it’s not so easy to get into one with a resume full of web development. The project also gives me experience and knowledge required to work on what I like more.

Learning Dutch

I think learning Dutch would be a huge quality of life improvement.


I’m practicing growing plants in my apartment both for decoration and consumption. This is another step to be a little bit more independent.

I have 15 plants now. I still haven’t harvested any vegetables, that’s my next step.

Self Hosting

I’m trying to eliminate my use of cloud based technologies. Instead, I’m trying to use software that is local, or open source, or I own the data. It’s a big change, I’m practicing with self-hosting some software on my Raspberry Pi.

It’s fascinating that the stuff I have to do to set up servers is so different from my day job. In my day job we live few levels of abstraction above the running server. I don’t even know who runs the code I deploy and how.

I want to rely on things that a single person can maintain.

Right now I’m hosting my own:

  • Chat Server (Matrix Dendrite)
  • VPN
  • YouTube Clone

Experience Leaving Off The Grid

I’m going for a week to a cabin in the woods. I don’t have any expectations. I just want to know how am I going to entertain myself without internet.